Bryan Lee Johnston - Strange disappearances from U.S. national parks

Bryan Lee Johnston - Strange disappearances from U.S. national parks

Bryan Lee Johnston, disappeared August 22, 2013, Ozette trail, Olympic National Park, Washington State.

Bryan Johnston, Olympic national park disappearance

71-year-old, Bryan Lee Johnston, had planned a two- or three-day hike on the Ozette Loop Trail in the Olympic National Park. The park is on Washington's Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. 

The Ozette Trail is a 9-mile loop that follows a predominantly plank trail which heads out for 3 miles northwest to the Pacific Ocean, then turns south along the beach for 3 miles, then follows a second plank trail inland for another 3 miles to the trailhead. 

Ozette loop trail, Olympic national park

Bryan got up early on the morning of August 22, 2013, in his home in Port Angeles to the West of Seattle and left his sleeping wife a note and took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry across the water. He was never seen again.

Bryan was an Eagle Scout and a very experienced hiker. He wore his white hair in a ponytail because it was so thick it was easiest to just pull it back and glasses but didn't need them for everyday activities. 

After earning a bachelor’s in 1966 from the University of Washington, he served in the Air Force until 1970 and then worked in Seattle City Light until he retired. 

Ozette loop trail olympic national park

His wife and stepchildren reported him missing to Olympic National Park rangers on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013.

His truck was found parked at the Ozette trailhead and inside rangers found receipts from several Port Angeles businesses dated August 22, 2013, the day he left his Port Angeles home. 

Ozette trail, olympic national park

It is difficult to lose yourself on the the plank trail, but the portion of the hike along the beach could be rough, especially if tides are high and one must climb around a couple of steep headlands. It seemed strange that Bryan had got lost on this particular loop.

At least 50 park rangers, along with search teams from Clallam, Grays Harbor and Pierce counties searched for Johnston for three days in and around the Ozette area but found no sign of Bryan. The ground search was called off with no clues. Bryan's family said he didn't plan to disappear but was described as “a quiet man, almost a loner.” When last seen, he was wearing blue jeans and carrying a black day pack.

Despite the search, no sign of Bryan has ever been found. He had disappeared off the face of the earth.