Sheep Mountains Las Vegas

Kenneth Lee Veach and the mystery of the M Cave - Strange Disappearances from US deserts

Kenny Veach, disappeared November 10th, 2014, Sheep Mountains, near Las Vegas, Nevada

Kenny Veach disappearance

Kenny Veach, aged 47, was an experienced solo hiker and spent much of his time exploring the Mojave and Great Basin deserts in Nevada and California. Most of his trips he went alone, camping out for several days  with minimum supplies and without GPS, compass or maps. On some occasions he was accompanied by his girlfriend. Many fellow hikers in the U.S. deserts would call his trips reckless without necessary equipment. 

On November 10th, 2014 he set out for what would be the last trip he ever made to the Southern Mojave. He has not been seen since. 

Although Kenny was not a big uploader to YouTube, he did comment on plenty of content produced by others under the tag Snakebitmgee, a name referring to his habit of picking up snakes and personally suffering a Rattle Snake bite. In June 2014 he left a comment on a video called "Son of an area 51 technician". He described approaching an M shaped cave around 7 miles from Nellis Air Force base in the Sheep Mountains (north of Las Vegas), which he found on a hike. He wrote that as he got closer to the entrance of the cave, his body began to vibrate. He finally became so frightened he ran away from the area.

The desert wilderness that Kenny was hiking around was full of old mine shafts that the military had placed chemicals into and was very isolated and tough trip to get there - it took him around 10 hours of hiking to reach the area of the M cave and return to his car. It was a place well known for having drug addicts take up residence in, drug dealers and a even a dumping ground for murder victims bodies. 

Kenny Veach Snakebitmgee post

Many fellow YouTube posters were sceptical and some commented that he was lying about the experience. Others dared him to go back and get more footage and he responded with a follow up hike to the same area in the Sheep Mountains. One poster warned Kenny not to return and that "you won't get out".

Kenny Veach Snakebitmgee and dont go back post

Despite the warning, he returned again but this time with his Rutger 9mm gun and he posted a YouTube video of his experience trying to find the M Cave, this time being unsuccessful in locating it. This resulted in even more negative comments on YouTube that he was lier and that the cave never existed.

So Kenny told YouTubers he was going on a third trip to the area and invited others to join him, but no one offered to assist him. On November 10, 2014, Kenny told his girlfriend Sheryon Pilgrim that he was leaving and he was never seen again. It was strange that Kenny decided to do another day hike without overnight camping equipment as he said his previous trips had been long 10 hour hikes over difficult ground which would have left him little time to search the M Cave had he actually found it. He also left his video camera behind which he used for his previous M Cave YouTube video but did take his camera.

Sheep mountains M Cave area near las vegas

After a few days, Sheryon reported Kenny missing and a search and rescue effort was launched but to no avail. Strangely, his phone was found in the Sheep mountains on a rock, near a mine shaft. The shaft was searched but nothing was ever found.

There are several theories about Kenny Veach's mysterious disappearance:

  • Suicide. This seems to be the most likely, but there are diverging comments from his family and his girlfriend. Both have commented on his YouTube video. His girlfriend points out that he was depressed about the lack of success of his business and watching his YouTube video in relation to his house (an hour long video) he seems desperate to let it as a holiday home (and actually says he includes himself in the sale maybe as a joke but maybe not). His father committed suicide and Kenny discovered the body and he vowed that he would never allow his body to be found. But with a daughter and grand daughter there are questions about this theory.

  • He ran out of luck with his brazen attitude to the desert and fell down a mine shaft, got bitten by a snake or attacked by a Mountain Lion. The latter seems unlikely since his body nor skeleton have ever been located. However, there are many dangerous shafts in the area which can easily get you killed or lost. But with a lot of experience doing these mine searches why did he happen to go missing on this trip?

  • He ran away and staged his disappearance. Some have postulated that Kenny was worried about his business and wanted to start a new life. With a daughter, grand daughter and girlfriend] this seems unlikely.

  • He stumbled across drug traffickers or a secret government project and was eliminated.