Maximillian "Max" L. Schweitzer - Strange disappearances in U.S. national parks

Maximillian "Max" L. Schweitzer, disappeared Jan 1-3, 2018, Yosemite National Park, California.

Maximillian "Max" L. Schweitzer yosemite

The disappearance of Max Schweitzer in Yosemite National Park in January 2018 is an interesting case because of the background of the man involved, of German extraction, in common with many cases. His LinkedIn profile claiming he was an Clandestine Analyst at the U.S. Department of Homeland security looks potentially suspect and he had various incidents with Police and the FBI reported.

Was this a classic disappearance caused by national causes, foul play or misadventure or did he intend to disappear?

Maximillian "Max" L. Schweitzer, 41 is believed to have gone to Yosemite National park around Jan 1-3, 2018.

camp 4 yosemite national park

His rental car was found at Camp 4 parking on January 5th after it was reported overdue by the rental company. Friends or family did not report him missing. 

He was last seen wearing a light-colored long-sleeve shirt or sweatshirt, light-colored shorts, and a dark-colored backpack.

Maximillian "Max" L. Schweitzer missing poster
Cafeteria in the Yosemite Lodge posted by NPS

Cafeteria in the Yosemite Lodge posted by NPS

Background to Max  Schweitzer

Max appears to have had several run-ins with the law over the years. Was he suffering from mental illness? There are reports he may have been homeless, but he didn't appear that way in the CCTV image captured near Camp 4 at Yosemite. 

In 2005 it was reported by SFGATE that a  31-year-old man was facing federal charges for allegedly trashing the FBI lobby in San Francisco by throwing a potted plant against a wall, breaking legs off chairs and damaging glass display cases.

Maximillian Lee Schweitzer of San Francisco insisted that he had to see FBI agents, then allegedly caused an estimated $7,491 in damage Wednesday at the Federal Building, Inspector John Tanabe of the Federal Protective Service wrote in an affidavit.

Then in 2016 there is a record of Threats of Violence etc. in Sacramento with an arrest date of 16th June 2016.

Maximillian Schweitzer arrest

Max's LinkedIn profile claims he was a Clandestine Analyst at the US Department of Homeland Security.

max schweiter San fran linked in

A reference to the minutes from June 2004 of the San Francisco Civil Service Commission shows his employment was terminated as a Transit Planner. 

Civil Service Commission  Minutes June 2004

Civil Service Commission Minutes June 2004