Nicholas Randall - Strange deaths in the Scottish Highlands

Nicholas Randall Scottish highlands death

Suffering from depression, 30-year-old, Nicholas Randall, decided to leave his family home in Edinburgh on April 25th, 2005 and headed for the Scottish Highlands to avoid being a burden on his parents. 

Nicholas vanished in 2005 after buying a sleeping bag in a store in Edinburgh and withdrawing £500 from an ATM. The last confirmed siting was at the Tiso Outdoors Shop on Rose Street and after that he seemed to vanish. For two and a half months nothing was heard, until his Silver Audi A2 was found in the Glen Nevis Waterfall carpark near Lochaber. Police believed he was living in the wild hills in the area, especially as he was an experienced climber and hiker, having bagged many of the Scottish mountains called Munros.

Nicholas randall Bridge of Orchy

In the following months there seemed to be some sporadic sitings, including some walkers at Glen Tilt in Perthshire and Blair Castle Carvan Park where a man matching Nicholas' description had asked to pitch his tent. But after that, nothing.

Auch Forest near Bridge of Orchy

His  body was finally found in 2008 by forestry workers in Auch Forest near Bridge of Orchy, Argyll in a pitched tent. The location was around 47 miles from where the car was located. The case was quickly closed by Strathclyde Police who suspected no foul play, but the revelations of an ex-cop Kenny McKechnie, 47, changed all that when he accused former colleagues of a cover-up to save money.

Nicholas Randall death tent
Condom evidence Nicholas Randall

When Randall's tent was discovered, two sleeping bags, a holdall, different sized boots and two sets of clothes in rucksacks as well as a used condom were found. Also what was said to be a  "shallow grave" was found in the vicinity of the tent by an off duty police officer some time before the discovery of the tent.

Hole dug in Auch forest

Police investigators had assumed that Nick had just succumbed to the elements and died in his tent with his mental health issues like anxiety and depression lessening his chances of survival. But had he met someone else in the hills, had sex and then had he been murdered? But why were there two sets of clothes belonging to difference people found in the tent? If he was murdered by the owner of the of these sets of clothes why didn't they take their possessions with them to avoid incriminating evidence being left behind at the scene? What about the pit dug near the tent, did the murderer plan to bury the body in it but changed his mind or was disturbed?