Roger Bainbridge - Strange European disappearances

Roger Bainbridge - Strange European disappearances

Roger Bainbridge, Disappeared September 26th 2013, Antipaxos, Greece. 

Roger Bainbridge disappearance Antipaxos Greece

Roger Bainbridge, 67, from Kendal in the United Kingdom, went missing while on holiday on the island of Paxos, whilst visiting his sister, Maggie Cooper.

He took a day-trip by ferry to a nearby island, Antipaxos, so he could go walking on Thursday, September 26,  2013 and vanished without a trace. The island is only 2 square miles in area. The island is small, but the interior is covered with thick undergrowth. There are dozens of footpaths, but many lead to dead ends.

Roger Bainbridge Antipaxos disappearance

Roger was an experienced fell walker in England's Lake District. He was wearing walking shoes, slate blue t-shirt, navy blue rucksack and had drinking water as well as 50 euros in cash with him but no mobile phone or ID.

He was last seen near the main village at the top of Antipaxos at 15.00 by some other walkers who had a conversation with him and walked with him a short way. The conversation took place near some VW camper vans which were parked in the area. 

A search of the island by local people and the police failed. A helicopter was dispatched from Athens and a thermal imaging helicopter joined the team, but still no evidence was located.


Roger's son, Iain Bainbridge, said at the time: “Time is of the essence. We just need to know what’s going on. Not knowing anything is scary. We are trying to keep as calm as possible. None of the most likely explanations add up. If he had gone swimming and got into trouble then some of his belongings would have been found on the beach. It’s just bizarre.” A year on Ian said "We're no further forward really, it's totally bizarre. We are totally confused and amazed that we've not heard anything in a whole year. There's been nothing found, no body, no trace of dad, no credible theory really... We're still left with a lot of questions which realistically in this life we may never get any answers to."