Robert "Bugsy" Springfield - Strange disappearances from US mountains

Robert "Bugsy" Springfield - Strange disappearances from US mountains

Robert "Bugsy" Springfield, Disappeared, September 19th, 2004, Bighorn Mountains, Montana.

Bighorn mountains, montana

On September 19th, 2004, Robert Springfield and his son 13 year old son, Colton and his adopted son, Brent Brooks, went to Black Canyon to hunt elk in the Crow Indian Reservation. This area is located in the Bighorn Mountains in the southeast of the state of Montana.

Robert was wearing heavy winter clothing and was armed with a bow and arrows. Robert and his family were members of the Crow Nation Indian Reservation, and they were hunting on ground owned by the tribe.

After a day of hunting, the two sons returned to the prearranged spot in the late afternoon where Robert had agreed to meet them. The children waited until after dark and still had not seen their father and so the boys informed the Bighorn County Sheriff’s Office and members of the tribe and a FLIR equipped helicopter searched the area where Robert was thought to be. The family and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) brought in sniffer dogs and horseback searchers, but nothing was found. No equipment, body, bones or blood. 

Just over a year later, in October 2005 a hunter was in Black Canyon area had heard a crow screeching. The bird was loud and was incessantly screeching. The hunter walked to the tree where the crow was sitting and below it lay human remains. But what was strange was the scene near the tree. There was a partial skull, a femur, a neatly rolled up men’s belt next to the skull and two boots.

Black Canyon, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana, USA

There was also a men’s coat on the ground that had a small tear in the back, and a wallet containing money was also at the scene. But the bow and arrows were nowhere to be found. The FBI was called as the Sheriff and BIA assumed foul play and the physical evidence was removed for further analysis.

If foul play was involved, why didn't the assailant take the wallet with money and why was the belt and boots found neatly by the bones? The investigators assumed that a tree fell on Robert, but the physical evidence at the scene didn't support this hypothesis. Weird!