Evelyn Consuela Rosemann - Disturbing deaths in U.S. National Parks

Evelyn Consuela Rosemann - Disturbing deaths in U.S. National Parks

Evelyn Consuela Rosemann, Died October 19, 1968, Nevada Fall, Yosemite National Park, California.

The body of Evelyn Consuela Rosemann, 24, was found by three hikers on the 19th October 1968, 200 feet from the base of the 594 foot high Nevada Falls in Yosemite National Park. Evelyn, whose hometown was San Francisco, worked as a masseuse in the park and had set out on a solo hike three days earlier.

According to investigators, she had somehow "been launched" from the fall or cliff and hadn't jumped and had been found partially undressed. In October, the creek leading to the fall is at a very low water level and would not have been swept away. She had a pair of badly torn, corduroy pants that were pulled down near her ankles and her sweater had been pulled up over her head. Another of Evelyn’s sweaters was lying on a rock near her feet.

The autopsy found the cause of death appeared to be a massive head injury sustained in the fall. Parts of her brain were found on a rock fifty feet from her body. The pathologist discovered she had been sexually assaulted either pre or postmortem with indications of bloodless vaginal lacerations. 

Nevada Falls, Yosemite National Park

Unfortunately because this is 1968 there is little information on Evelyn's case. How did she end up so far from the base of the cliff? Was she running from someone at the top of the falls, fell over and then her body was dragged to another point at the Fall's base? Clearly a case of foul play given the vaginal lacerations and it is unfortunate that the National Park Service kept Evelyn's death low profile given the disturbing details and probably they were worried about park visitors being scared away by publicity about a potential serial killer in the area.