Bryce Herda - Strange disappearances from U.S. National Parks

Bryce Herda - Strange disappearances from U.S. National Parks

Bryce Herda, disappeared April 9th 1995, Shi Shi Beach Trail, Olympic National Park, Washington.

Bryce Herda disappearance

6 year old, Bryce Herda, was out hiking with his family on Shi Shi Beach, southwest of the Makah Indian Reservation close to Olympic Park (West of Seattle), when he disappeared on the early evening of April 9, 1995.

Shi Shi Trail entrance near Seattle

At the time of his disappearance, Bryce was 4'0 tall, weighed 60 pounds, with a medium build, brown eyes and light brown hair. He had a medium complexion was of Native America/Caucasian race and had a 1' vertical scar in the centre of his forehead by the hairline and a 1/8" mole on his right temple.

Bryce was last seen on the beach when his family left to walk up an adjacent trail and since he was unable to walk up the trail they agreed they would meet him back at the beach. When they returned he was nowhere to be seen. 

The boy's grandfather was chief of police when he went missing so resources were deployed quickly and in number. People began searching within 45 minutes of his disappearance, with some 30 searchers, including Coast Guard helicopters, combing the area he was last seen.

The search lasted through the night with increasing numbers of ground and water crews equipped with special equipment searching for any signs. Dog teams and more crews joined the search the next day, and within a week thousands of people, including U.S. Air Force personnel, rock climbers and divers had been concentrated in the area. Others searched the coastline and drove off roads. After a week of searching, agencies called off the search, but Bryce's family continues to look for the boy. Footsteps were discovered but were intermittent.

The family believed that Bryce had been kidnapped, particularly since no trace of him or his clothing was ever found. The nearby Ozette Trail led to a homeless community. The police believed he may have been washed out to sea, but his body was never recovered from the water.

The question is why could he not accompany the rest of his family up the trail from the beach and how long was he left on it before their return. Did an abductor have time to whisk Bryce away?