Sharon Buis - Strange disappearances from U.S. mountains

Sharon Buis, disappeared 24th May 2014, Mount Roberts, Alaska

Sharon Buis Mount Roberts disappearance

Sharon Buis, a 48-year-old physical therapist, lived in Juneau, Alaska.

Sharon decided to go on a hike in the Mount Roberts area of Alaska but she did not leave a note or tell anyone where she was going. She was an experienced hiker and she had biked from Alaska to Canada, and just recently returned from an ice camping trip in Greenland.

Mount roberts alaska

She was reported missing by her longtime hiking partner, Anne Johnson, who called police after Sharon missed a hike with the Alpine Club. They were supposed to hike Hawthorne Peak at 9 a.m. but Buis didn't turn up, and this was very unusual for her. Anne had a bad feeling about her no show and she left a wedding reception early to drive around the trailheads to find Sharon's car. 

On 24th May 2014 at around 9.30pm , Anne found Sharon's car at the Mount Roberts trail head.

Mount roberts trail head

Juneau’s local search and rescue community coordinated by Alaska State Troopers The search for Buis began about 1 a.m. on Sunday 25th,— Juneau Mountain Rescue, Southeast Alaska Dogs Organised for Ground Search, U.S. Coast Guard, Alpine Club and many friends scoured the Mount Juneau trail system looking for her.

On Monday, the search widened to encompass the backcountry, and then on Tuesday searchers scaled back the perimeter and combed back over Mount Roberts and Mount Juneau. On Wednesday, they focused on Mount Juneau and the lower, less-rugged end of the Mount Roberts trail. A Coast Guard helicopter, equipped with an FLIR infrared system that can detect heat sources in darkness was used at night.

Mount roberts trail, alaska

Searchers said “We’ve been all over those hillsides, and again assessing where it’s likely she has been. We have thoroughly searched that area, and then we’ve searched and double-searched areas outside of that, and then searched again areas that she could have gone but isn’t likely. Even those areas have been double-checked.”

Search dogs were also used but they have not picked up her scent. Dogs “showed interest” — which is different and more ambiguous than alerting to a scent — in two different areas on Mount Roberts on Sunday and on Tuesday. But nothing came of these incidents. She owned an handheld emergency activation device with GPS but unfortunately it was found at her home.

Despite an extensive search in the area, Sharon was never seen again and her body has not been found. Vanished.